At the University of Washington Bothell course fees are a mechanism to add value to state-supported course offerings, by deepening the experience students receive, especially in laboratory and field courses where additional resources translate directly into experiential learning.

Rules governing costs that may be covered by course fees are explicitly covered in the University of Washington's Executive Order No. 44.

Why Add a Course Fee

To allow a course to provide more in-depth experiential learning not otherwise possible due to financial limitations.

What Can Course Fees Cover?

  • Equipment – in cases where the equipment is used for one or more courses and the equipment is not housed in or used by a research laboratory.
  • Material and Supplies – including but not limited to laboratory and field trip “tangibles” (i.e., non-equipment that lasts for more than one course offering) and “expendables” (e.g., chemicals).
  • Cleaning/servicing for teaching equipment.
  • Travel costs for field trips including but not limited to UW vehicle charges, food, and overnight accommodation.
  • Select personnel costs for technicians or other professionals where work specifically supports a course (e.g., part of the cost of a laboratory technician supporting a chemistry lab).

What Costs Can’t be Paid for with Course Fees?

  • Instructional salary and benefit costs (e.g., faculty and TA time).
  • Equipment, materials, or other tangible resources that are used within a research (non-teaching) program.

How to submit a Course Fee

Complete the Course Fee Request Form. Follow these guideline when filling out the form:

  1. Following instructions on the form
  2. Document all allowable expenses and estimate the per student costs
  3. Have Dean of the School approve and sign document
  4. Send to Annette Anderson at anderap@uw.edu

Course Fee Approval Process

UW Bothell has a standard approval process for all course fees. The School submits a course fee request which includes the Dean's signature approval, followed by a fiscal review, ASUWB review, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and the Chancellor approval. If the fee request is >$50 it requires the Provost approval. 


Please contact Annette Anderson at anderap@uw.edu or 425-352-3629.