Tips for Transferring  

Making a successful transition from your current college to UW Bothell is up to you - but with a little proactive planning, seeking help from our admissions advisors to navigate the application process, and using our supplemental Hot Planning Tips below (and all of our other helpful online resources!), we hope to ensure your transfer to UW Bothell goes as smoothly as possible!

Plan Ahead!

Meet with a UW Bothell admissions advisor and utilize the resources on our transfer planning webpages to prepare for your transfer as early as possible!  Understand basic transfer requirements, and specific requirements for your intended major, so you know exactly what you need to do each quarter to be ready to transfer on schedule.

Hot Planning Tips!

  • If you want to complete your associate degree prior to transfer, think of your 2-year and 4-year degrees as overlapping, not sequential.  Often with proactive planning, the same course can fulfill multiple degree requirements. 
    For example, a course that will satisfy a requirement for your associate degree might also be a course that is a major prerequisite for admission to UW Bothell.
  • Prioritize completion of core admission and major prerequisite requirements over other courses that only fulfill general education or associate degree requirements.
  • Students who efficiently schedule and complete all core admission requirements, major prerequisites, and general education/areas of knowledge graduation requirements prior to transfer will have the best chance of completing their degrees within two years after transfer.
  • Learn to use the Direct Pathways Planning Worksheets and UW Equivalency Guide along with degree audit and other degree planning resources at your community college to make the most of every credit taken prior to transfer!
  • UW Bothell does convenient on-site admission advising at many Western Washington community colleges.  The advising schedule varies depending on the college, and usually coincides with quarterly transfer fairs. Contact us for information about the most convenient admission advising options at
  • Visit UW Bothell and take a campus tour!
  • Enroll in a College Success class at your community college to help you learn about the transfer process, the resources available on your campus, and other valuable information that will help guide you through the transfer process.

Meet all Deadlines!

Be aware of all the deadlines that apply to programs, degrees, and services you are interested in. Your community college will have deadlines for graduation, financial aid and scholarships, as well as other programs and services that may be very different than UW Bothell’s deadlines. 

Hot Planning Tips!

  • UW Bothell has multiple majors with various priority application deadlines and some majors only admit transfer students during certain quarters.  Please refer to the Application Dates page fore the most current application deadlines for each major and quarter.
  • Priority application deadlines at UW Bothell typically refer to the date students must submit their transfer application online to meet the deadline.  Any changes or variations to priority deadlines and deadlines for supplemental required information (like transcripts) will be posted on our website, or you are welcome to contact us with questions at
  • If you are dependent upon financial aid assistance, be sure to file your FAFSA renewal by the UW priority deadline of February 28 for the academic year you plan to attend the University of Washington. For more information, please visit our please visit our Financial Aid page.
    Note: this deadline is much earlier than the priority application deadline for autumn admission!
  • Transfer applicants who have met admission requirements are welcome to apply earlier than our posted priority deadline for their intended major.   UW Bothell operates on a rolling admission cycle for most of our majors, with applications processed as soon as we have all the information required to make an admission decision.  Meet with an admissions advisor as early as possible to determine the appropriate time for you to apply!

Follow Instructions!

Read all the UW Bothell transfer student resources and guides, as well as everything you can about your intended major. 

Hot Planning Tips!

  • Check your email regularly for important updates and requests for additional information related to your application. 
    Note: be sure to provide an email address and phone number on your admission application that will be regularly monitored!
  • Provide supplemental application materials as soon as possible when they are requested.  Sign up for any required tests and order transcripts as early as possible to complete your application file.
  • Maintain the same level of academic performance through your last quarter or two after applying – admission offers will be made contingent upon completing courses listed as in progress with the expectation that you maintain your GPA and continue to meet all the admission standards and requirements.
    Note: please notify us immediately if there are any changes in your class schedule that differ from what you submitted in your application!
  • After you are admitted, thoroughly read all of the next steps information that will be sent to you, and carefully follow the instructions for signing up for advising orientations, email setup, financial aid awards, etc. Pay attention to deadlines at this stage (and always!), as well as any additional requests for information to ensure your admission and orientation to UW Bothell goes very smoothly!
  • Contact us with any questions!