Why Study Marketing?

The marketing concentration prepares students to thrive in customer-centric organizations with a blend of analytical thinking, experiential learning and professional experiences. Identifying, delivering, communicating and sustaining value to the target customer is fundamental to success in a competitive environment. What that means changes constantly in a technology-mediated, globally informed, and socially constructed landscape. Marketing students are business professionals who thrive in entrepreneurial ventures and large corporations alike and are well suited to rise to the CEO position. 

Marketing Area Faculty

Overview of Courses

All business school undergraduates take BBUS 320, Marketing Management. 

Required Courses

  • BBUS 423 - Market Intelligence
  • BBUS 438 - Marketing Management Lab

Recommended Sequence

Marketing concentration students are recommended to take courses in this sequence-

  • 1     BBUS 320, Marketing Management
  • 2     BBUS 423, Market Intelligence
  • 3     BBUS 421, Consumer Marketing (although not required yet, we recommend this)
  • 4     BBUS 438, Marketing Management Lab

Elective Courses

Minimum of two required.

  • BBUS 421 - Consumer Marketing
  • BBUS 426 - International Marketing
  • BBUS 427 – Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • BBUS 429 - Special Topics in Marketing
  • BBUS 431 - Electronic Marketing
  • BBUS 464 - New Product Marketing
  • BBUS 491 - Business Consulting (if focus is on marketing project)

Marketing students are encouraged to take an internship.

Educational Values

What We Want to See in our Students

  • Analytical rigor
  • Critical thinking
  • Written and oral communication
  • Ethical orientation
  • Work ethic
  • Engagement with business community