This article will guide you through how to add your UW email, calendar, and contact after the Microsoft Office 365 migration with the OWA for iPhone app from Microsoft.


1. Obtain the OWA for iPhone from the Apple App Store. [Link]

2. Once you downloaded the app, it will be added on your home screen.
     iOS home screen

3. Tap on the OWA icon and it will bring up the sign-in screen. Enter your UW NetID credential and sign in. 
     OWA sign-in

4. After you have been successfully sign-in, you should see the inbox section.

     OWA inbox

5. Now you have added your UW email, calendar, and contact on your iPhone through the OWA app.


If you want to remove OWA access on your iPhone, please follow these steps.

1. Navigate to the Outlook Web App and sign-in with your UW NetID credential.

2. Once you sign-in, click on the gear icon on the top right of the page and select Manage apps.

     OWA Web App

3. Select Mobile devices on the left sidebar, click on the device name that you want to remove OWA access and click the — icon to remove the selected device (iPhone 6 in this example).  

     OWA WebApp Options

4. Now you can delete the OWA app on your iPhone home screen.


Last modified: 15 May 2015.