Use the video and Web page links below to help acquaint yourself with the University of Washington Bothell's new standard operating system for Windows based computers, Microsoft Windows 7.

It's important to us that you experience a smooth and productive transition from XP to Windows 7 so don't hesitate to call or email us at 2-3456 or

How is Windows 7 different from XP

  • Taskbar shows previews of  open windows
  • Arranging and resizing windows is quick and efficient
  • Get easy access to your programs
  • Find what you're looking for quickly and easily

Quick comparison of Windows XP and Windows 7

Improved Taskbar -  Jump Lists - Arranging Windows





Windows 7 Taskbar

The new Windows 7 Taskbar


Taskbar, Jump Lists and Windows Management Video

Taskbar, Jump Lists and Arranging Windows Video

Jump Lists

  • Replaces "My Recent Documents"
  • Files organized by program/application, right click then open file
  • Open another window of program, right click, click program name
  • Close all windows
  • Available on Start menu on Programs pinned to top and recently used programs
  • Pin favorite items to jump list, change order and unpin


 Jump lists revealed.


Working with Jump lists - a detailed view

Managing programs and items with Jump Lists

Window Management

  • Aero Peek
  • Aero Shake
  • Compare Side by Side
  • Full Screen
  • Keyboard shortcuts


Alt+Tab and Win +Tab


Detailed look at the new Windows 7 desktop - requires Microsoft Silverlight

Getting Around the Desktop reference guide 


  • Quickly find a file or folder
  • You can now find programs with search
  • Narrow your search by date, file type and other categories


Searching step-by-step

Find a file for folder instructions


Quick overview of the new Windows 7 search features

Outlook 2010 Help Checklist

Exploring Windows 7 in More Depth