The process for launching the R25 program has changed. Please follow these steps to successfully launch the R25 program on your computer.


1) Locate the R25 icon on your desktop.


2) Hold down the shift key and the control key on your keyboard. While holding these two keys down, right click on the R25 icon on your desktop with your mouse. This will cause a pop-up menu to appear that will look similar to the one displayed below.


You may release the control and shift keys on your keyboard. Click on the option that says “Run as different user” (highlighted in blue in example picture).

3) After clicking “Run as different user”, the following window will appear (the window may take a few seconds to appear).


4) Enter your personal NetID username followed by “@netid” and your NetID password (not to be confused with your UWB username and password nor your R25 account username and password). Please see the example entry below and replace the words “YourUsername” with your actual NetID username followed by @netid


5) Click “OK” to submit your credentials.

6) After clicking “OK”, R25 will launch on your computer and you will then be prompted to enter your R25 username and password. You may then continue using R25 as you normally would. If you close the R25 program, you will be required to launch and login using this same procedure.



Still having problems? Call (425-352-3456) or Email ( the UWB IT Helpdesk for further assistance.