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Poll Everywhere is a new system for conducting in class surveys and polls, offering a more convenient and user-friendly interface and design for faculty and students to take advantage of. Students can answer surveys from not only their own computers, but also by texting in their responses on their phones. Faculty have a wide array of options for their surveys at their disposal, from creating a classic poll system to allowing their students to write comments in a more quiz-like format. Poll Everywhere should bring faculty closer to their students and offer more enriching learning opportunities. 

For more on the Poll Everywhere project, please go to the UW-IT Seattle informational page.


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What does Poll Everywhere have to offer?

  • Students can use their own personal devices; including Wi-Fi/Cell service connected cellphones, laptops, or tablets! If students do not have access to one of the devices listed above: Learning Technologies will have a list of alternatives in the Poll Everywhere for Students page.
  • Students can submit answers via text messaging, Android or iPhone application, or online via web browser.
  • Poll Everywhere offers different polling options: multiple-choice polls, open-ended, Q&A, answer ranking, and clickable image polls.
  • PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote integration.

How do I get started with Poll Everywhere?

  1. Poll Everywhere access is now available. To get a Poll Everywhere teaching account, please contact Learning Technologies at uwblt@uw.edu: access usually takes 24 hours.
  2. Please fill out a software request form to have Poll Everywhere installed on your UWB computer.
  3. Students do not need to register a Poll Everywhere account. They can access PollEverywhere using the UW Single-Sign On link.

Have questions? Need assistance?
We offer one-on-one training for faculty via our Book Us Page

Last updated: 6/12/2017


  • To use Poll Everywhere, students must login using UW Single-Sign On:  
    Student Login Instructions. Personal Poll Everywhere accounts are not compatible with the UW system and will prevent students from participating in graded polls.
  • Student email addresses in Canvas, under student profiles, must be set to NetID@uw.edu to participate in polls.