Kentico is supported by multiple teams across campus. The Advancement & External Relations Web Team is your initial contact for assistance:


Kentico 10 training

Training & access

UW Bothell staff, faculty, and student-staff may request access to edit the UW Bothell website after taking the introductory training offered by the web team.

Learn more about Kentico trainings and editor access.

Project Requests

Advancement & External Relations has created several forms to assist UW Bothell faculty, staff, and student-staff request our services related to the UW Bothell website, calendar, and marketing.

New Form Request

  • Forms are helpful if people request services from your team or you want to collect contact information/feedback. Forms keep metrics and you can export the data into an Excel spreadsheet to review work completed over any amount of time. Please inform us of any deadlines.
    Consult with Advancement if you're unsure if a form is necessary:
    Submit a New Form request

Website Project Request

  • Any Kentico website changes such as a request for a new website, restructuring site navigation, page content redesigns, requesting Trumba events to be added to your page, and more. The majority of requests received come through this form. With our current resources, projects will take a minimum of four weeks or longer depending on complexity. Please inform us of any deadlines.
    Submit a Website Request

Website Quick Request

  • Minor website changes such as changes to forms (not creating a form),  requesting content HTML help, Google Analytics (user analytics), broken link reports, name changes, and more. With our current resources, projects can take anywhere of two to four weeks but you will always be given an completion ETA. Please inform us of any deadlines. 
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Trumba Calendar